I am going to introduce you to my world.
My public life, as columnist, image designer, producer, performer, recording artist, and now as guest music lecturer is well known.
I love to sing, photograph and design. I had a flourishing art business for over twenty years.
No matter how busy I am, I make time for my family, friends and fans. Here we go!



其實《天織堂》推出第一張大碟時只有兩人,Henry & Jenny;入行前Jenny 和我早在港台一個歌唱大賽時認識,其後我倆不約而同簽了同一間公司。再後來唱片公司把《天織堂》宣傳為雙主音,實際上我只客串了幾首歌,歌曲計有「搖搖擺擺」Unplugged 版、「接納心歡喜」國語版等;其中一首上榜歌「找一晚快樂」粵語版是商台廣播劇的主題曲, 《天織堂》亦於同年獲得商台叱吒生力軍組合銅獎及TVB最受歡迎創作歌手銅獎。
其後《天織堂》轉投新藝寶唱片,推出了第二張大碟;我就轉簽BMG唱片作個人發展。我們三人昔日的照片和原版「找一晚快樂」及「白貓黑貓」只有在華星的卡拉OK碟才可找到了。至於「白貓黑貓」我是和音,「搖搖擺擺」Unplugged 版就有幾個,我唱的版本只在電台宣傳時播放,基於合約所限,沒有出版。

About Astor

Astor is able to express herself with logical literacy but full of artistic feelings. She acts to record her valuable, interesting and unforgettable experiences during her travel and plans to share with others her instant feelings, thoughtful insights and findings via poems, free verses, prose, narration, reference, etc.

Music, Movie, Musicals and Me

Music and theatre have had a close relationship. Theatre can associate with movie or musical theatre (musicals) and I love both of them. I sing theme songs in some Asian movies, such as“When I Dream” (theme from “Dragon Squad”). It easily recalls people not only from scenes of the movie, but also from memory. I love theme music from movies as well as songs from Musicals, especially Broadway. I remember I have fallen in love with Broadway since I was 12. Musical films characteristically contain elements reminiscent of theatre; performers often sing and dance as if there is a live audience watching. Some musical films were adapted for the stage after their great success, such as “The Wizard of Oz” and“Fame”, while successful musicals also definitely received movie adaptations, i.e. stage-to-film adaptations, such as“Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Evita”. We can share our moments after all these years by passing through “Over the Rainbow”, “Out Here On My Own”, “I Don’t Know How To Love Him”, “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”, “You Must Love Me” ……

“Moon River” (theme from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”) has to be selected in my new album "Theatre" although it has been covered by hundreds of artists all over the world. I sing it each time, it seems like a live performance accompanied by the pianist just in front of the audience.

“The Way We Were” (theme from “The Way We Were”) must be selected because it was the song of one of my favorite singers that influences me most, Barbra Streisand, and I won the singing contest with it!

“For All We Know” (theme from “Lovers and OtherStrangers”) was selected, of course, in tribute to my forever idol, the Carpenters.

WORDS from Astor :

I hope all of you would like the presentation of my albums.
Everlasting love dedicated to SUPERSTAR...
My dearest family,
Mom and Dad,
All the one I love,
Teachers and tutors, who have enlightened me,
All singers and writers of the original songs, especially Karen and Richard Carpenter.
All musicians,
All my fans and friends.
Thanks GOD.

Astor Fong

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