I am going to introduce you to my world.
My public life, as columnist, image designer, producer, performer, recording artist, and now as guest music lecturer is well known.
I love to sing, photograph and design. I had a flourishing art business for over fifteen years.
No matter how busy I am, I make time for my family, friends and fans. Here we go!

All About Astor



作為一個真正喜歡唱歌的歌手,並不會執著一定要唱原創或是翻唱歌曲。所有我喜歡的歌,我都想與大家分享! 星期六剛與唱片店的老闆及歌迷會面,大家都很喜歡我部份原創歌曲,尤其是第三首「情真.遊戲」及第四首「似即若離」! 不過,我還有很多舊中文歌想唱,所以第五張大碟將會有更多翻唱歌曲,但如果有適合的新歌或曲風,還是會嘗試的,各適其適!

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