I am going to introduce you to my world.
My public life, as columnist, image designer, producer, performer, recording artist, and now as guest music lecturer is well known.
I love to sing, photograph and design. I had a flourishing art business for over twenty years.
No matter how busy I am, I make time for my family, friends and fans. Here we go!



放了一個悠長假期,又回到正常的工作崗位。讀者們,可有想起我嗎?收到很多朋友留言,問我何時會再出新唱片,回答說,正在錄製中。時間過得真快,距離上一張新專輯的出版時間,原來不經不覺已差不多兩年了!去年在歐洲製作及出版了第一張個人原音SACD及第一張個人黑膠唱片《情.懷》,和公司的另一位發燒男聲李偉一連舉行了三個簽唱會,忙得不可開交!之後已經開始構思下一張專輯的主題;與此同時,又參演了一個紀念梅艷芳的慈善演唱會,個人來說,又是極具意義的第一次!雖然我第一次的演唱會是在2013年舉行的,也是一個向我的偶像Carpenters 致敬的大型演唱會,同樣又是在九展Star Hall舉行;但第一次仿效梅艷芳穿上婚紗在舞台上演唱她的經典成名作〈心債〉及〈赤的疑惑〉,還真是頭一次!而且還戰戰兢兢地在台上說了一些話,希望藉著穿上婚紗,秉承梅艷芳敬業樂業的精神,感覺也好像默默向觀眾承諾了嫁給舞台!以往穿著婚紗在台上演唱的女歌手,其中還有鄧麗君,我猜她也有這份心思吧!看鄧麗君全程投入的又唱又跳,與梅艷芳同樣是敬業樂業,同樣是舞台女皇!很値得我們學習。
然而,要改進甚或重新學習一種樂器或一種技能,又談何容易呢!每次見到朋友可以彈得一手好琴,或說得一口流利的外語--當然不是指外國人啦!--總會上前問問是如何練習的,得到一個結論是,習以為常地每天練習十分鐘,能夠堅持十年以上,便自然學會!起初是半信半疑的,但很快不經不覺地便十年過去了,其中那位朋友真的由不懂彈結他,變成一位出色的專業結他手!看過 TED Talks 其中一段演說,一對孿生兄弟精通十幾國語言,他們的秘訣就是每天都練習,因為他們同住,每天都在一起學習同一樣東西,一段時間後,由短暫記憶short-term memory透過練習形成working memory工作記憶,反覆練習最後成為long-term memory永久記憶, 就自然學懂!情形有點像儲蓄,每天儲一點,積少成多,十年後自然有一筆錢!但如果中途取了出來用,或停止每天儲錢的習慣,那筆預期目標的錢就自然儲不成了。學習也很類似,初學時可能因為覺得有趣,因此初頭會學得很快,短暫記憶很快形成,但如果中途可能因為困難而不能堅持下去,開始以其他藉口例如忙為理由不繼續學習,很容易會半途而廢,沒有經過反覆練習便不能透過working memory工作記憶轉化成永久記憶long-term memory,short-term memory短暫記憶很快便會忘掉。因此,學而不練習,便不能真正學會,只有將練習形成習慣,我敢說,不出十年,已開始學懂!所以,朋友說的每天只需練十分鐘練上十年,其實是要把練習變成習慣。我想,或許我也要把很多的第一次變成習慣,自然不會再戰戰兢兢吧!

About Astor

Astor is able to express herself with logical literacy but full of artistic feelings. She acts to record her valuable, interesting and unforgettable experiences during her travel and plans to share with others her instant feelings, thoughtful insights and findings via poems, free verses, prose, narration, reference, etc.

Music, Movie, Musicals and Me

Music and theatre have had a close relationship. Theatre can associate with movie or musical theatre (musicals) and I love both of them. I sing theme songs in some Asian movies, such as“When I Dream” (theme from “Dragon Squad”). It easily recalls people not only from scenes of the movie, but also from memory. I love theme music from movies as well as songs from Musicals, especially Broadway. I remember I have fallen in love with Broadway since I was 12. Musical films characteristically contain elements reminiscent of theatre; performers often sing and dance as if there is a live audience watching. Some musical films were adapted for the stage after their great success, such as “The Wizard of Oz” and“Fame”, while successful musicals also definitely received movie adaptations, i.e. stage-to-film adaptations, such as“Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Evita”. We can share our moments after all these years by passing through “Over the Rainbow”, “Out Here On My Own”, “I Don’t Know How To Love Him”, “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”, “You Must Love Me” ……

“Moon River” (theme from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”) has to be selected in my new album "Theatre" although it has been covered by hundreds of artists all over the world. I sing it each time, it seems like a live performance accompanied by the pianist just in front of the audience.

“The Way We Were” (theme from “The Way We Were”) must be selected because it was the song of one of my favorite singers that influences me most, Barbra Streisand, and I won the singing contest with it!

“For All We Know” (theme from “Lovers and OtherStrangers”) was selected, of course, in tribute to my forever idol, the Carpenters.

WORDS from Astor :

I hope all of you would like the presentation of my albums.
Everlasting love dedicated to SUPERSTAR...
My dearest family,
Mom and Dad,
All the one I love,
Teachers and tutors, who have enlightened me,
All singers and writers of the original songs, especially Karen and Richard Carpenter.
All musicians,
All my fans and friends.
Thanks GOD.

Astor Fong

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